Stop. Laugh. Breathe.

Much like the improv stuff from yesterday, I cherish the ability to simply stop – okay, pause – stress through laughter. Gets oxygen to the brain, exercises the abs, makes the world nothing but laughter, if only for a bit. My podcast library is full of comedians.  Comedy isn’t their only topic, but their ability to recognize that even the darkest subject can be handled respectfully and with humor makes it a way to keep myself from falling too far into feeling the weight of my world all the time.

I think all three animal brains have their humor sides.   It’s a part of the theory I haven’t really thought too deeply about yet, but there are bound to be ways to bring it in.

Cat Brain, being immersed in the past, probably finds humor in nostalgia, in things it’s found funny for a long time.  Cat Brain remembers lines and bits it finds funny, and they still bring a laugh.

Dog Brain loves the surprise it didn’t see coming.  The rapid-fire “how’d they think that up so fast?!” mystique (especially when you can tell it was truly spontaneous) of @midnight is right up Dog Brain’s alley.

Squirrel Brain may be the hardest to pin down.  Finding funny through the lens of the future?  That must be the notion of finding humor thorugh aspiration.  I don’t have that thing you’ve made a joke about, but I want that thing, so I can relate to the funny through that wanting.  Or something.  It’s not a perfect theory.

Featured image: Wiki laughing (okay, he’s yawning, but go with it).