Unintentional Silence

As a former professor of mine used to say, “SPRING SUCKS!”  And when spring is in its suckiest, the thing I do that’s pretty much just for me – writing every day – had to take a break.  Once the final pieces of all that manage to settle out and I have a predictable schedule […]

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Taking more on

I love starting new projects.  Even if I do it when I have too many unfinished ones just sitting there staring at me. Sometimes starting a new thing ends up being the motivation to finish off the old things. Dog Brain doesn’t really register the fact that those other things aren’t done because it has moved on […]

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Almost disconcerting

I managed to accomplish basically everything I intended to accomplish today.  It’s a bummer that most of those things were work projects rather than not-work projects, but it was a nice feeling to stand up from the computer, not at 4am, and declare that I was ready for Monday morning.  With time to spare to […]

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Filling time with work

I’m not terribly burdened with an abundance of free time.  This is my own doing.  When I’m at home, I’m frequently working on things for my job.  Sometimes (make that often), I’m getting more done at home than I’m able to in the office. Three-day weekends usually mean I can steal one of the days off for […]

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Sometimes you just need a day. Things need doing, but the doing just has to wait. I think that’s a convergence of all three modes of Animal Time, but I suspect the primary weight is on Cat Time. Cat Brain, being rooted in the past, carries the knowledge of how much you’ve done and the […]

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Cross-eyed from coding

There’s only so much PHP I can blunder my way through before I can’t see anymore.  I’ve gone so far past reaching that point that I’ve come back around and lapped myself.  Or something like that.  I know I wish I were better at it, but the truth is, I just wish I had help.  I […]

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Feline maintenance

Finished the biggest part of the Big Project.  Looking back (hi, Cat Brain!), I miss, in some ways, the way I created a self-contained thing the first time we did The Planets.  Director was a good tool for that, and it meant that I didn’t have to worry quite as much as I do this […]

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